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Whether it's an election, an initiative, approval of your land use project or a public education campaign - we know how to get it done.

We specialize in campaign consulting and management. That means TOP TO BOTTOM, full service campaign consulting. We are there at the important meetings. We know how to get the endorsements you need.

We're responsive, aggressive, proactive and we take the time to craft a winning campaign strategy - just for you. We get to know you, your campaign and what makes your campaign unique. We run political and public affairs campaigns for clients that want to win.

And we're the leader in electing Judges. We haven't lost a Judicial race in a general election - ever. We've worked in 36 US states, Canada, the UK and Mexico. Whether you're running for Judge, for School Board, for City Council or for Congress, our approach is the same:

Research. Target. Implement. Win.

We've managed and consulted on some of the toughest races across the country. Whether it's a candidate, initiative or legislative campaign - we have a record that's unmatched in the industry of winning the tough ones.

We apply the techniques of modern political campaigning and grassroots organizing to help contentious land use issues gain approval or defeat, depending on the client's needs.

Where we differ with traditional land use consultants is that we know and understand the political machinery that controls not only California, but the entire country. We understand what motivates decision makers on an individual level -- and create a winning strategy to get the votes our client needs.

We have worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies to gain approvals and/or protect market share. Our greatest concern is ensuring that our client never become the focus of the campaign unless it is specifically part of the greater strategy. Therefore all client names and interests are kept completely confidential.

We apply the techniques of modern political campaigning to helping films that often struggle to find an audience to become not only successful and gain an audience, but to become part of a potential MOVEMENT.

Where we differ with traditional promotions companies is that we know the political, non-profit, philanthropic and faith based organizations across Los Angeles, California and the country and know what messages and mediums will best reach and motivate them and their members to become aware and active in a project.

We use traditional media but we also utilize non-traditional organizing tools like social media platforms geared toward activists, as well as organizing community type meetings where your target audience can become even more engaged in your project. We believe our approach is more targeted, cost effective and ultimately, much more impactful than traditional promotional activities.

We apply the same principles of political campaigning and grassroots organizing to brand and market your business or non-profit organization.New product roll-outs, social media marketing and managing of customer review sites… YES, we do that. Very well.

LP Campaigns has worked on issues as diverse as LGBT rights, health care, poverty, environmental protection and education. We can make your issue a priority for the legislators or the ultimate decision makers -- the voters.

Who We Are

Our company is LP Campaigns. We're seasoned political professionals with more than 20 years of experience running political campaigns in 40 states, the UK, Canada and Mexico.

Where We've Been

Some of the most competitive political races in the country…award winning documentary films…state-wide initiative campaigns…contentious land use battles…corporate re-branding projects…been there done that.

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Political Campaigns

Documentary and Indie Film Promotions

Public Education Campaigns

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It's pretty simple really. We know what it takes to win. Whatever your strategic challenge, we will help you find the solution. On-time and on-budget. Every time.

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We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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